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Welcome to Flatcraft's Wiki!

We are a group based around the game "Flatcraft" which is currently not open to public play. Flatcraft is the idea of Minecraft in two dimensions (also called 2D). Flatcraft's wiki is under heavy development. Flatcraft was created by Lacertus, the member of Lacertus that formed Lacertus and made Flatcraft is Linus Närkling. View the entire team of Lacertus on their wiki page.

The Game

Play FlatCraft

FlatCraft is a sandbox construction game, inspired by Minecraft, and created by Linus Närkling, the maker of Lacertus.
The game will be free to play for everyone, But as it is now it's a closed pre-alpha so only the official beta testers may play it!
Current Version: Closed Pre-Alpha 0.0.2

Wiki Moderators: Deliphin11 (Lead), Linus371.